10 Things That Every Person Moving to Minneapolis Should Know

ghSo you are thinking of moving to Minneapolis, the city of ice fishing, the birthplace of the purple reign of Prince and land of 10,000 lakes. Here is a guide for some helpful but also fun and quirky facts about this Midwestern delight. Many people refer to it, as the Mini-Apple as there is never a lack of culture, food and fun activities that make this one of America’s great cities.

1. Get ready for the cold. This city really knows how to survive the harsh winters while taking it in stride. When other cities are at a stand still, people in Minneapolis know that they should zip up their jackets and deal with it.

2. They have a new type of ‘air travel’. If you live in the downtown area covered glass bridges connect most buildings to one another. This way you can walk around town without having to set foot on the cold and frigid streets, pretty smart right?

3. Minneapolis has a brother. They are fraternal rather than identical twins though. The city knows as St. Paul lives just across

Masquerade Masks and Decadence

oplThink Phantom of the Opera, think masked balls, think period dress and painted white faces. The Venice Carnival is the annual event that boasts elegance, fun and plenty of great entertainment.

The Venice Carnival takes place every year on the picturesque islands in the province of Veneto. The Carnival begins two Saturdays before Ash Wednesday (a religious observance begins) and finishes on Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day.

Celebrations last for twelve magnificent days and nights with celebrations taking form in performance art, music, theatre, staged shows and culinary delights.

Where does it take place?

The Carnival takes place on the actual island of Venice, in the Veneto region of Italy. If you look at Italy as a boot, Venice is near the top, a train ride away from the east coast. The city isn’t far from Padua, so if hotels are too pricey in the city, then staying in Padua is your next best option.

If you’re planning on visiting Venice during the carnival, but staying in a different city in Italy, details are found below on how best to get to

8 Facts Everyone Should Know Before Moving to Seattle

ytsThe Pacific Northwest has become a popular destination for many Americans. The natural beauty and the unique culture that make up Seattle might be why the city is a popular travel and relocation destination. Or could it be because its home to the largest houseboat population in the world and everyone wants to feel like a pirate? Just kidding about the pirate part! But the fact remains that it is now the 3rd fastest growing city in the USA with a steady incline of 15,000 new residents moving here each year (for the past 4 consecutive years)

Here are a few fun facts that everyone should know before moving to Seattle.

1. Seattle gets a bad rap as a city that is constantly rained out. This isn’t actually true, as New York City and Boston get more actual rainfall per year by quite a lot.

2. The grey is a real thing. Its been said the misty/fog that is so often in the air makes it constantly like a noir film. So although it might not actually be raining, it is a rather

Nairobi, the Capital of Kenya

cxSome historians believe that the most ancient human traces that were ever found were discovered in Kenya. They asserted that the port and the city of Malinda existed at the beginning of the 40th century BC and it was a commercial center at the time. Travelers have been touring Kenya since a very long time as well.

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is in fact the gate to enter inside a world that is full of magic and amazement. The word Nairobi, in the Maasai language, means the location of the honored water, in reference most probably to an ancient cult that was dominant in the region in ancient times. Travelers who spend their vacations in Kenya would commonly begin their trip in Nairobi.

Among the most wonderful characteristics of Nairobi, away from being the largest and most important city in the country and a significant commercial, cultural, and important hub, is that the city hosts a huge open zoo, the Nairobi National zoo. Located only 8 kilometers away from the city, the zoo, considered to be among the largest and

Srinagar – Should I Visit This Destination or Not?

hvOne of the biggest question (or worry rather) that surrounds the city of Srinagar is that if it is really safe to visit the city due to the border differences and the answer is yes! Yes, it is perfectly safe to travel to Srinagar. There have been no casualties reported on tourist or travellers in Srinagar so why fear? Safety is the biggest concern people face while contemplating on a trip to Srinagar, but with that out of way, you can now start planning a trip. The city is easily approachable by Delhi to Srinagar flights and you can catch the same flight to head back to Delhi after your trip.

Srinagar can be visited at any time of the year depending on your convenience, as summers for a cool and pleasant atmosphere as opposed to the other major cities or snowfalls in the winter. That being said, the monsoon and winters are best to be avoided as along with the monsoons comes the landslides and landslides result to roadblocks, which will cause a huge hindrance to your trip. The winters

How to Plan That Perfect Vacation to the Hill Station of Ooty

gjHill stations are the best respite to a tiring long spell of monotonous schedule. It rejuvenates your body and soul giving you the breath of fresh air you have been long needing. India has a host pristine hill stations in the edges of all its boundaries. These hill stations are not located in the central region of the country but mostly along the edge of its boundary. Each region has its fair share of hill stations. One of the top hill stations in the southern region is the lovely hill station of Ooty. Ooty’s beauty has been spoken off far and wide and people visit this hill station from everywhere. Since the time of the British rule, to this day, Ooty has always been one of the most desired summer resort for India.

So what should you expect from Ooty? Well if you have been planning a vacation to this place since a long time, you will probably have an idea of what to expect and what to do during your time there, but there are many people who are

Some Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Vaishno Devi

ukIf you are a regular visitor to Vaishno Devi, then also it is not guaranteed that you’d be aware of its deep-rooted history, and the various interesting tales associated with it. So regular or first timer, check out some astonishing facts about the Vaishno Devi shrine that are sure to leave you flabbergasted.

1: Bhairo Nath, who pursued Mata Vaishno Devi and insisted her continuously to wed him, was really sent by Gorakh Nath, who was a Mahayogi. Gorakh Nath had a dream of the discussion between Lord Rama and Vaishnavi and driven by interest to know more about Vaishnavi, the Mahayogi sent his most trusted disciple Bhairo Nath, to gather information about the Goddess.

2. Earlier, the main access route to Vaishno Devi was a rough way which had to be voyaged completely on foot. There were also a couple of flight of stairs, but those were even more risky than the road, with the stairs being broken and without railings. Contrary to the hassles in those days that devotees used to go through, today, even helicopters ferry you up

What to Do in Florence in Summer

ujTo know what to do in Florence during summer you must be familiar with the things to do that this Italian city provides. The main thing to do in Florence is to visit the monuments and works of art in the historic city center in any season.

Florence is one of the most visited cities in Italy. The beauty of this city is seen in the world as the cradle of the Renaissance. The importance and the beauty of the many works of art in Florence is also the object of attention of UNESCO, the world organization responsible for safeguarding the heritage of the world. Florence is one of the cities in the world nominated by UNESCO heritage of the humanity just for the artistic inheritance.

Those who visit Florence in the summer have the opportunity to do many other things in addition to the classic tours dedicated to the artistic heritage. The beautiful season and warm climate allows organizing itineraries in nature.

A few kilometers from the historic center of Florence there are hills where everyone can go for beautiful walks.

Emmett, Idaho – Valley of Plenty

5hfEmmett, Idaho is located a short 30-40 minute drive from Boise up Hwy 16 and is a perfect place to settle down for folks looking for that easy going Idaho way of life, yet still want to be close to all the action in the greater Boise area.

Officially incorporated in 1900, Emmett has grown to a community of approximately 6500 people. Thanks to a number of irrigation projects and the railroad’s presence, the area became a center for farming and fruit growing around the turn of the 20th Century. And while that industry has struggled to compete with larger agricultural operations in neighboring parts of the northwest, the history remains, as do a number of smaller orchards and farms.

Emmett homes for sale range from quaint little single-family residences in quiet neighborhoods to sprawling ranches with plenty of room for all the animals. You will find fruit trees in the yards of many Emmett homes for sale since orchards once flourished in the area, which was aptly named the “The Valley of Plenty” by more than a few locals. This

A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Non-Veg Restaurants in Ahmedabad

2fIf you are someone flying down to Ahmedabad for the first time, from the northern part of India, or abroad, and are a hopeless non-veg foodie, then do not just go by what everyone says about this city.

Ahmedabad, definitely has the right and joyful options where you can dig in your favourite kebabs and biryanis, with the perfect taste, and feel. Read ahead to know where —

1. La Bella

Although a sorry-looking eatery, La Bella holds some charming astonishments for you. Stroll down the Old City streets to reach La Bella, which is owned and run by the stunning, old Ms Lobo. Pork Chilly Fry, Chicken Curry, Mutton, Fish Fry, etc. embellish the menu here. The cook cum partner of Ms Lobo, Anna, will announce proudly of this menu in a single breath. You can’t have enough of what Anna and La Bella will dole out for you here, so take enough money for repeated orders. Also, carry paper money only, since La Bella doesn’t acknowledge card payments, for this spot has great food offerings sans any ornamentations, like you

Enjoy the Beach Life With Fun, Food, and Drinks in Brighton

3gBrighton – the small fishing village in the England has become the favorite destination of tourists for a fun-filled holiday. This small town now can fascinate visitors with its beach life, vibrant culture, and night life. Restaurants, pubs, Café, and bars are also there to attract tourists. Apart from this, several events and water activities can make the vacation more entertaining and joyous.

You have everything to explore here – from natural beauty to cultural heritage, from beaches to art & history. Families and group of friends can make Brighton their destination for a fun holiday. You can spend hours, laying on the Brighton Beach. Beer, fish & chips, and the company of your beloved can compel you to stay on the beach for the whole day and night. While on the seaside, you have the Royal Pavilion to explore – the historical beauty in Brighton to take you back into the time of Prince Regent George 4.

A stroll around the Brighton Pier can make your day full of fun with several fun activities. You can also discover about the

Discovering Mojacar: Land of Enchantment

2I’m from South America, I speak English and Spanish, I lived a while in Tampa (USA), and came to Mojacar 17 years ago to never leave.

As a citizen of Mojacar, I see people arriving each year from many countries with the intention to retire here or start a new life either alone or with their families, working for others or opening their own businesses. Many do very well, others have problems or adjustment difficulties due to the lack of information they had about Mojacar before coming.

Keep in mind that Spain has a unique, singular and own culture, and should never be compared with the country of origin, because all you get is to see everything black. You have to go to Spain with an open mind and a readiness to integrate into a lively and rich culture in all aspects.

From my point of view, the crisis has affected the standard of living in Spain, especially in big cities, however, in terms of quality of life, I do not know any better country than Spain to live in, and I’ve traveled

Brighton: Best for a Fun-Filled Vacation With Great Culinary Experience

ryBrighton, the beautiful seafront city in England is simply wonderful with vibrant culture, night life, and eclectic food. This small city was architecture very beautifully in the time of Prince Regent. You can still discover this historical architecture living in the city. This city has not only have beaches, marina, and peer to visit, but has the historical beauty to explore. You can also enjoy the water activities with friends and family.

A beer glass, beach relaxation, nightlife, music, and mouth-watering food- this is all about the Brighton. Restaurants in Brighton are specially famous around the world to offer tourists worldwide varieties of food. Visitors don’t need to go at a specific region to taste the native food. All can be found in this seafront city which is crowded with hundreds of restaurants, pubs, and cafés.

You can admire the beauty of Royal Pavilion here and can also explore the history and culture more closely visiting Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. On the other side, you have several scenic places to traverse here, including Brighton Peer, Madeira Drive, Brighton Wheel, etc.


Trance in The Valley of The Sun

rrePhoenix Overview

Luscious scenery, gorgeous architecture and alluring greenery are some of the features of the capital city of the U.S. state of Arizona, Phoenix. With a population of over 1.5 million residents, the stunning city is the sixth most populous city in the country and also the most populous state capital. It also happens to be the only state capital in the nation with over a population of a million.

To make your trip to the beauteous city even more savoring, you can try and find some cheap airline tickets to Phoenix.

Top Tourist Points to explore in Phoenix

The charming city of Phoenix offers such wide range of points of interests that almost everybody can find something to their admiration. The art and history buffs will find a lot to their delight with numerous affluent spots in offerings such as Musical Instrument Museum, Heard Museum, Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Phoenix Art Museum, Wrigley Mansion, Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting, Wells Fargo History Museum and Orpheum Theater.

The nature romantics can adore the enticing scenes with Desert Botanical Garden, Camelback Mountain, South Mountain

Hong Kong on the Hudson

97Charming attractions, spunky nightlife and stunning architecture are some of the attributes of the city nicknamed “Hong Kong on the Hudson” New York City. Situated by the southern tip of the State of New York, the vibrant city is the epicenter of the New York metropolitan area, amongst the most populated urban agglomerations in the world.

New York City holds a weighty impact on commerce, media, finance, art, research, fashion, technology, entertainment and education, hence it’s fast pace justifying the term “New York minute”. Dubbed as the financial and cultural capital of the world, New York City is the most populous city in the United States.

Top Attractions to explore in the Cosmopolitan

The striking metropolitan of New York City offers a number of sightseeing and touring opportunities for you to savor. The major ones include Central Park, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum, Top of the Rock Observation Deck, Manhattan Skyline, Manhattan Skyline, The High Line, Grand Central Terminal, Frick Collection, Empire State Building, Bryant Park, Bryant Park, Ground Zero Museum Workshop, Ground Zero Memorial,

Don’t Miss Greenwich When Staying in Canary Wharf

rtGreenwich provides visitors with views, heritage and attractions. This beautiful London borough is only minutes from Canary Wharf and the perfect place to explore when staying in the capital city.

This South East London area is set on the river and is one of the five Dockland boroughs which is rich in maritime history. This area is rich in Georgian and Victorian architecture complete with a covered market. The area is also a World Heritage Site and is accessible via rail, road or bus from Canary Wharf.

This is a fantastic day out whether you are in London on business or for leisure. To truly experience all the city has to offer, you need to experience the beauty of Greenwich and the great sights and attractions it provides.

Things to do and not to miss

The Royal Observatory is an absolute must when visiting Greenwich. This observatory is located in the famous Greenwich Park and dates back to 1676. It is Britain’s first state-funded scientific institution which has a planetarium on the side. This is a very popular tourist attraction.

Then there is the

Top Art Galleries Not to Miss When Staying in Canary Wharf, London

uyBarbican Avenue Gallery

The Barbican Avenue Gallery is home to some of the major exhibitions in London. This is a leading gallery which showcases masterpieces from international artists from around the world. The gallery provides a changing programme, making it a top choice to explore every time you visit the capital city.

The Barbican Avenue Gallery showcases fine art, photography and design. It is always advisable to phone in advance to confirm admission fees. The gallery is open from Saturday to Wednesday from 10am to 6pm and on Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 9pm.

National Gallery

The National Gallery is ideally located in the popular and famous Trafalgar Square. This gallery is home to more than two thousand Western European masterpieces ranging from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century. It is here where you can enjoy the beautiful fine art from Van Gogh and da Vinci, to name a few.

The National Gallery is set in a beautiful building with free admission. They are open seven days a week for added convenience from 10am to 6pm and from 10am to 9pm on Fridays.


Top Sights Not to Miss in London

wWhether you are visiting London for business or pleasure, it is always worthwhile taking some time to explore the famous sights and attractions this capital city has to offer. London is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and welcomes millions of visitors each year.

There are so many top sights that you need to see when visiting London. An opportunity to soak up the history and culture in the city, but also enjoy some of the beautiful views and experiences it provides. When looking for a city break, London guarantees not to disappoint.

The great thing when visiting London is you will find that you can get to anywhere with ease. The public transport system is fantastic, which means even when staying on the outskirts of the city centre, you can easily access everything you want to see and more.

Some of the sights you will not want to miss includes:

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace dates back to 1837 and is probably the most famous palace in the United Kingdom. Here is where visitors get to experience the changing of the

The Theme Park Capital of the World

assqOrlando Overview

Dazzling theme parks, luscious views, enchanting greenery, stunning architecture and lively streets are some of the features of the city nicknamed “The Theme Park Capital of the World”, Orlando.

The fountain at Lake Eola is the symbol of the beautiful city and is amongst the premier tourist destinations in the world. It draws over 60 million visitors annually on an average. Its primary commercial airport, Orlando International Airport (MCO) is the thirteenth busiest airport in the country and the 29th busiest in the worldwide. It is also amongst the busiest American cities for conventions and conferences. Orlando has been listed as a “Gamma−” level of world-city in the World Cities Study Group’s inventory. It also ranks as the fourth most popular city in America on the basis of where people want to live as per a 2009 Pew Research Center study.

Points of Interests

Orlando is most famous for its number of glitzy and spunky theme parks, which are the major attractions for the visitors in the city. The most prominent ones include The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Discovery Cove,

The City in a Forest

3Atlanta Overview

Atlanta has been dubbed as an “alpha-” or “world city”, and exercises a prominent impact on finance, commerce, research, education, technology, art, media and entertainment. With a gross domestic product of $270 billion, it is ranked 8th in the country and 36th in the world. It has a diverse economy with strengths in media operations, professional and business services, logistics and information technology. Its topography is marked by dense tree coverage and rolling hills.

Points of Interest

The striking city of Atlanta offers such a wide range of touring and sightseeing opportunities that you will never lack for choices. The elegant city is a promised land for the art and history buffs with numerous sites in offerings such as Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, Center for Civil and Human Rights, Atlanta History Center, High Museum of Art, College Football Hall of Fame, Swan House, Jimmy Carter Library & Museum, Centennial Olympic Park, Margaret Mitchell House, Michael C. Carlos Museum, Fernbank Museum of Natural History and Center for Puppetry Arts.

The sports fanatics can savor some exhilarating display of professional